SLAC XLDB/LSST Group is Expanding

Dear All,

I know many of you don’t have time to read long posts, so I’ll get to the point right away:

  1. Our group is hiring, and it is essential we find the best candidates; the better people we find the more resources and expertise we will have to devote to XLDB. So… if you care about XLDB, please help us find the right candidates. We’re looking for people who’d like to work on cutting-edge, ~100 petabytes data management system for state-of-the-art science. Job description can be found at:
  2. In addition, we would like to further expand our SLAC team and bring a part-time person dedicated to helping us with XLDB-related activities, and we already identified a promising candidate. Long-term, we’re hoping to support this position using funds from sponsors supporting our future conferences and related activities. That means we need to find enough sponsors (or a few generous-enough sponsors) willing to provide sufficient funds to make this all work. In practice, if we manage to raise ~$100K annually, this should work!

We’ve been quiet lately, but as you can see, we are getting ready to (a) construct the LSST database, and (b) organize the next XLDB event (in spring of 2015). We had a VERY successful XLDB-Healthcare workshop few weeks ago, and are excited to connect with the South America community in Rio as soon as next week!

As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Please forward this to whoever might be interested.

Best regards,

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