XLDB-healthcare workshop

Dear All,

We are organizing a joint XLDB-Stony Brook workshop focused on exploring the applicability of XLDB technologies to healthcare, with an ambitious goal to “re-engineer” healthcare data management and analytics. In the tradition of past XLDB events, we are bringing together experts from multiple communities, including current XLDB users and XLDB technologists like you who are already part of the greater XLDB community, and healthcare domain experts who are eager to join. We expect to explore commonalities, share lessons learned, and ultimately, steer the healthcare community towards adapting our common Big Data practices and solutions.

The benefits for healthcare are obvious, but you may wonder “what is there for us?”. If we succeed, we will end up with a larger user base, which will translate to more resources (more funds to support “our” software, more people testing and improving it), ultimately strengthening solutions we use, reducing fragmentation of the Big Data analytics market, and growing the pool of available Big Data experts.

We have already managed to lined up several superb representatives from our community, and have been introduced to some relevant people. We still have space for a few more, so if you believe you could contribute, or if you know someone who would fit well into this event, please contact us through xldb-admin@slac.stanford.edu.

The event website: http://www.cs.stonybrook.edu/~xldb/

The event is organized right before the NSF semi-annual IUCRC (Industry University Cooperative Research Center) CDDA (Center for Dynamic Data Analytics) workshop,
which will allow for additional cross-pollination.

Best regards,
Jacek, on behalf of the XLDB-Healthcare Organizing Committee

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