Tutorials at XLDB-2012 conference


Quite a few XLDB-2011 attendees asked if we could introduce tutorials at the next conference. We’d be very happy to, if we can get some volunteers to run such tutorials!

We already heard several tutorial suggestions, including: “introduction to parallel databases”, and “cloud computing”. If you have a suggestion what tutorial you’d like to see at XLDB-2012, now is the perfect time to let us know.

If you are an expert in a topic that you believe XLDB participants would like to hear about, let us know! Vendor-specific tutorials are welcome as well, provided they will be 95+% technical and less than 5% sales-oriented 🙂

We will collect the input and make a decision before we open conference registration (early May).

If we do get enough proposals and see enough interest, we are planning to run the tutorials in parallel on Monday, just before the conference (the conference will be on Tuesday and Wednesday).

To contact us, use the comment box on this page (publicly visible), or use the Contact Us box (private).

Jacek Becla

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