How to get involved?

Some people are asking: “How can I get involved in the XLDB activities?” It depends!

  • Are you working with big data, trying to make sense of billions of entries and petabytes of data? If you are involved in any type of large-scale analysis, tell us more about your use cases, your bottlenecks, problems you run into, solutions you came up with, features you would like to see in the future data management systems. Check the science benchmark and suggest how to improve it to capture your particular challenges. There are many researchers and solution providers actively involved in the XLDB activities; they are observing, they are listening, the more commonalities we find, the sooner someone will come up with an elegant, cost effective solution for our challenges!
  • Are you involved in working on infrastructure for a large distributed system? Tell us your stories, share your experience and lessons learned. Very few of us have a good understanding what it really means to run a large scale, production cluster.
  • Are you an academic researcher? Or perhaps you are involved in designing or implementing a scalable solution, be it a DBMS, a map/reduce-based solution, or something brand new. Check out the use cases we collected, read the reports from our past workshops (look for the links on the Events page), and start working on the solutions… fault tolerance, provenance, data uncertainty, spatial correlations, time series, … the list of challenges is quite long.
  • Neither of the above? Perhaps you know a group working with large-scale data that has not heard about the XLDB yet? Let them know, bridge the gap!
  • Or maybe you are active on social media sites? You can volunteer and help us increase XLDB presence there.
  • Or maybe your company would be interested in sponsoring one of the next XLDB events?
  • Or maybe you like designing webpages and can suggest how to improve this website? Or have an idea for a new topic we should cover?
  • Or maybe you are a good scribe and can help us write the next XLDB workshop report?
  • There are many many ways to get involved…
  • None of the above? Just curious about extremely large databases and data management? Follow the blog. Come to the conference.


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