As you can probably tell we are trying to find a convenient way to improve communication/dialog within our XLDB community in between the XLDB events. Clearly there are many interesting topics to discuss, and we are lacking appropriate channels to enable these discussions. The xldb-l mailing list, due to its size (~500 subscribers) can only be used for high-level announcements, and our Confluence wiki as well as the forum are far from ideal for discussions (and thus we expect to retire them very shortly). So, the latest plan is to:

  • continue using xldb-l mailing list for all major announcements,
  • post quick announcements as well as discuss longer topics through the XLDB blog (anyone can add “comments”).

Adding comments to a blog is trivial, you don’t even need to register!

So, we encourage all of you to follow the XLDB blog, e.g. by subscribing to our RSS feed.

Do you have a suggestion or a comment on how to make the communication better? Post a comment to this blog, or email us.


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